• The Brampton (map)
  • 1525 River Road
  • Warrensburg, NY, 12885
  • United States

Strength and Serenity Fitness Retreat

Been longing to go on a trip that will be a break from the grind and uplift your sprits but won't keep you away for too long? This June 2017 we'll take you on an outdoor adventure with two experienced, motivating, and friendly coaches, Yvette Lenhart and Sheryl Oleksak, who specialize in Pilates & Yoga respectively.

From daily strengthening workouts and calming yoga practices to local hikes and swimming holes, to daily fresh meals from an in-house chef, this retreat will leave you focused, relaxed, and feeling amazing!

The fitness:
In the mornings, Yvette will focus on traditional Pilates Mat work with some standing low-impact cardio, strength, and conditioning mixed in. And in the afternoons, Sheryl will focus on the connection of the mind to the body with stretch and breath through powerful and energizing Vinyasa Flows. To end each night, Sheryl will lead the group in Yoga Nidra: a guided meditation to deep relaxation.

The retreat:
Lake George is the perfect setting for this laid back weekend getaway only a few hours north of NYC. We'll be staying at a cozy house near the Adirondacks with a private chef, outdoor activities, and plenty of time to disconnect and rejuvenate. The vibe of the trip is friendly and casual, and will leave you feeling focused, rewarded, and relaxed.