• The Brampton (map)
  • 1525 River Road
  • Warrensburg, NY, 12885
  • United States

This event is hosted by We Are SUPERNATURAL

ENTER OUR ORBIT | escape the city this October for a magical, mind-shifting immersive mountain retreat crafted around the themes of science, spirit, and survival.  three days under the autumn stars curated for deeply curious, visionary minds thirsty for knowledge, growth, and connection.   the rare chance to learn face to face from experts in the fields of neuroscience, spirituality, sound & the human condition. a unique opportunity to give your mind, body, and spirit the time and space to experience and integrate deep learning with self-exploration.  a weekend to make meaningful connections with brilliant souls just like you who are in awe of the human experience. lasting inspiration and tools to co-create a magnificent collective future for our world.

E-mail Magic@weareSUPERNATURAL.co with any questions.

ACTIVITIES | this weekend is designed to be an incubator for curiosity & connection fostering deep, integrative learning. activities will include thought-provoking talks & panels directly from experts, hands-on workshops, creative exploration, guided discussions, film screenings, hikes, community building and fun evening experiences.

SPEAKERS | we have invited 3 acclaimed experts to serve as our resident teachers and guides throughout the weekend:  Anahita Moghaddam, our expert voice on the topics of neuroscience and spirituality + Daniel Pinchbeck, best-selling author and expert voice on consciousness and our collective future + Josh Peck, a hyper-talented composer, musician and expert voice on singing bowls ad the art of deep listening.  For more information about our speakers, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

WHERE | The Brampton lodge in the Adirondack Mountains, Upstate NY

WHEN | Friday, October 13 (noon) - Sunday, October 15, 2017 (5 pm)

SPACE | we have space for approximately 18-20 curious minds to share 3 days in an intimate, communal atmosphere with us.  you may choose a dormitory-style shared room, semi-private room or totally private room. space is limited, so please register early
TRANSPORTATION | complimentary ride share to and from the lodge from NYC (details upon registration)

FOOD & DRINK | chef on site to create 3 healthy, gourmet meals per day, curated by a registered dietitian nutritionist. most meals will be plant-based.  all dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated. 

YOGA & MEDITATION | daily yoga class and guided meditations



  • Noon: Arrival
  • 1 PM: Community Lunch
  • 3 PM: Immersive workshop on the Science of Happiness with Anahita Moghaddam
  • 6 PM: Free Flowing Time & Creativity Workshops
  • 8 PM: Special Group Dining Experience
  • 10 PM: Film Screening, Fire Pit, evening Elixir Bar & DJ


  • 9 AM: Yoga + Meditation
  • 10 AM: Breakfast
  • 11 AM: Guided Discussion & workshop on the future of humanity with Daniel Pinchbeck
  • 2 PM: Mindful Lunch
  • 3 PM: Hike the Adirondacks, Free Flowing Time & Creativity Workshops
  • 7 PM: Special Group Dining Experience 
  • 9 PM: Introduction to Sound with Josh Peck 
  • 10 PM: Immersive Sound Meditation Experience
  • Midnight: Fire Pit, evening Elixir Bar & DJ


  • 9 AM: Yoga + Meditation
  • 10 AM: Breakfast
  • 11 AM: Hands-on workshop on sound & reality with Josh Peck
  • 2 PM: Closing Lunch
  • 3 PM: Q&A Panel with all 3 speakers
  • 5 PM: Departure

our SUPERHUMAN speakers

Anahita Moghaddam
Neuroscience + Spirituality

Anahita Moghaddam is the founder of Neural Beings, and a coach and speaker who’s rigorous and experiential methodology is rooted in the Eastern contemplative traditions, and continuously refined under the mentorship of leading scientists and academics in the fields of psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and biology.

Inspired by insights into the human experience, Anahita is committed to a path of self-inquiry, examining the nature of mind and reality by applying analytic insight and direct embodied experience.

Echoing the words of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Anahita believes that happiness is our primary responsibility. We are "social animals", constantly in relationship within a complex, intricately interwoven and deeply interdependent web of life. Anahita believes that the cultivation of pro-social emotions and wholesome mental states will play a fundamental role in ensuring the continuation of life on the planet.  

Anahita was born in Tehran, raised in Hamburg and attended university in London. She has worked in media and journalism for European news agencies, and produced macro-economic country reports for Forbes, the Washington Post and The Times. She has lived and worked in Croatia, Botswana, Indonesia and the Arab Emirates, interviewing senior political and business leaders, while gaining insight into the mindsets of a wide array of individuals.

Anahita’s clients include executives, entrepreneurs, UN staff, diplomats, as well as leaders in hospitality, design, technology and social innovation. She has facilitated workshops on the Neuroscience of Mindfulness at the 2014 Feast Conference for Social Good, featured on Entrepreneur.com, and led a Masterclass at the 2015 Social Media Week NY, featured on HuffPost Live. Anahita has led workshops at The Harvard Business School Club NY, Soho House NY, The 88, Hackster, The Lowell Hotel, Civic Hall and more.  

Anahita holds a BA in Marketing and Advertising, from the London College of Communication and an MA in Social Anthropology, from the School of Oriental and African Studies London. She is further training in Contemplative Psychotherapy at the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science in New York, under the guidance of Dr. Miles Neale and Dr. Joe Loizzo.

Anahita has been a student of meditation, yoga, philosophy and epistemology within the Indo-Tibetan tradition for over a decade.


Daniel Pinchbeck
Consciousness + Our Collective Future  

Daniel Pinchbeck is an author of a number of influential books including Breaking Open the Head2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, and How Soon Is Now, his latest. His first books explored subjects such as psychedelic shamanism, prophecies, Burning Man, the philosophy of consciousness, mysticism, and psychic phenomena. How Soon Is Now?, his new book, looks at the ecological crisis as a rite of passage or initiation for humanity and seeks to define, as Russell Brand put it, a "blueprint for the future." This includes exploring how we can redesign our technical and social systems to support the long-term health of our biosphere and our human family as a whole. 

According to author John Perkins, "Daniel Pinchbeck’s life is the hero’s journey. Like Homer’s Odyssey, How Soon Is Now is a song of redemption for a world torn apart by the monsters of our own creation. We’ve dreamed a world that is consuming itself into extinction. Pinchbeck offers us a new dream and in doing so takes us on a powerful, magical voyage into balance and sanity." 

Daniel founded the company Evolver, which produces the web magazine Reality Sandwich, the video seminars Evolver Learning Lab, and now runs The Alchemist Kitchen, a retail and event space on East 1st Street in Manhattan. He is an advisor on a number of projects including Puertas Tulume, The Delphi Project, HyLo, United Imagination, and Minds.com. He is part of the Regenerative Culture Working Group for Nexus Global Youth Summit. 

Daniel started the think tank, Center for Planetary Culture, which produced the Regenerative Society Wiki, a compendium of environmental and social solutions. His essays and articles have been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Rolling Stone, ArtForum, The New York Times Book Review, The Village Voice, Artsy, and many other publications. He has penned columns for The Art Newspaper of London, Art & Antiques, Conscious Living, and Dazed & Confused. He has written introductions for books including The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary, The Joyous Cosmology by Alan Watts, and Rainforest Medicine by Jonathan Miller Weisberger and Kathy Glass. 

His life and work were featured in the 2010 documentary, 2012: Time for Change, directed by Joao Amorim and produced by Mangusta Films. He hosted the talk show, Mind Shift, on GaiamTV. He speaks at conferences and festivals around the world, including Tech Open Air (Berlin), OuiShare (Paris), DazedFest (London), Horizons (New York), Breaking Convention (London), Distortion Fest (Copenhagen), La Callaca TedX (San Miguel del Allende, Mexico), the World Psychedelic Forum (Basel), Summit Series (Utah), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Boom (Portugal), and Lightning in a Bottle (California). He is currently collaborating with the renowned intuitive healer Bobby Klein on a new "Mystery School." Their launch event, Visionary Leadership in Transformative Times, takes place in late September at Nomade Tulum. 

Josh Peck
Sound + Deep Listening

The sound is a powerful and rich construct to our reality.  It exists on the frontier of scientific understanding of our cosmos and is among the most emotive of senses we know.  By exploring the architecture, moods, and colors behind these vibrations, as well as using our own curiosity to activate a new awareness, it is easier to actively engage with the sound, discovering something both astonishingly new and soothingly familiar. In these places of altered and expanding consciousness or experiential learning--we are able to more easily access and comfortably observe our behavior, feelings, and deepest emotions.

While there is often little distinction between sound baths and healings, language is powerful and in the context of deep listening, it is valuable to suggest a level of active participation, of a two-way dialogue between facilitator and participant--a willingness to explore, contribute and reflect.  The act of listening is not a passive experience and the most effective healer is ourself.

Josh Peck is a composer, music producer, and sound meditation facilitator.  

In addition to his work in film and television, he consults and develops original mindfulness content with a focus on immersive 3D spatial sound spaces. 

Together with sound practitioner Eliza Philpott, he holds a weekly residency at The Woom Center, as well as events at The Hudson Wellness Center (NYC), private one-on-one and group sessions and ceremonies, corporate events in partnership with Exubrancy, and festivals around the country.  

This Fall he is launching The Sound Dojo in the Hudson Valley—a 20.2 ambisonic listening room which aims to explore sound as medicine and art through research.  


The Organizers

we are SUPERNATURAL is a creative collaboration between Alina Zolotareva & Lindsay Herr, two deeply curious human beings who live to create transformational experiences & spread wisdom, love and deep connection to their communities.  Connect with L&A directly at magic@wearesupernatural.co.

Lindsay   music visionary + potion master + plant mama

Alina, RDN wellness philosopher + vertical farmer + connection alchemist


we are SUPERNATURAL is a multifaceted immersive learning platform for deeply curious minds and wide open hearts. 

we are passionate students of the school of Life who jump head first into the biggest ideas and most pressing questions of our time by integrating the wisdom of the past, technologies of the present and visionary ideas for the future. 

we are in awe of the power of human potential here on spaceship Earth and beyond, and believe in the study of thehuman experience as a platform for deeper understanding, personal and interpersonal transformation and spiritual transcendence. 

we seek to inspire, connect & activate our communities by sharing knowledge and experiences that expand our perspectives and push our boundaries in order to build a more compassionate, collaborative, evolved world for all beings.