Curated Corporate REtreats

Our corporate retreats are tailored to your needs and goals.  We want to help you bond and connect with your team in the way you find most productive. We can create a custom, unique itinerary for you or you can experience the outdoors in a more relaxed way.    

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      Choose from the following 3 options:


Relaxed Getaway: 

We have a loose itinerary that focuses on having fun and spending time with one another in nature.  We keep active by hiking, doing the ropes course, boating, playing games and relaxing.  A fun option to give your team a break (or reward them for a job well done on a recent project) while getting to know each other.

Creativity Burst: 

We have a combination of workshop time and fun activities.  You utilize the Brampton for training workshops, creative brainstorming time for that upcoming huge project you just landed (or want to land!) or focus on cohesiveness with team meetings.  In other words, you curate your own team building or workshopping activities and we are there for the fun and the food.

The Brampton Specialty:

Your time at the Brampton is utilized to bond, break down barriers and communicate with one another.  We have a combination of fun, team bonding and team building workshops that will challenge and enlighten.  We can include your own workshop time if needed and we still do fun activities along the way!  The purpose is to connect with each other in ways that bond you as a team, help you work better together and free you of limitations that hold back one’s creativity flow. 

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Since the Brampton is in the Adirondacks, wifi is present (and certainly strong enough to check email) but can be spotty, as is the cell service – and that’s the way we like it!   We encourage all to let go of your cell phones and connect with each other.


To make your reservation or for any questions, contact us at: