In one sentence, it's an all year round hosted camp for up to 24 people focusing on private parties, weddings, corporate team-building days and curated weekend events.

No matter what your event, the Brampton works with you to craft a unique and all inclusive memorable retreat.  We pick you up from Manhattan, drive you up to the Adirondacks and begin an experience where we play, relax, explore nature and connect with others.  We create an itinerary and our staff take care of the details so your time Upstate can be spent enjoying rather than working.

The Brampton is a secluded lodge situated on the Hudson River amongst 15 acres of woodland, tucked away in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains; it's just 20 mins from Lake George and 15 mins from the largest ski resort in NY, Gore Mountain.

The properties (currently the main lodge, a glamping tent and a converted van) are available for hire exclusively (click here) or please come and join as part of a group to enjoy the activities we provide. They include: skiing (Nov - April), cross country skiing, kayaking, tubing, hiking, golf, fitness weekends, yoga, doing nothing except drinking beer round the fire, rafting, fishing or, frankly, just breathing in some fresh air nowhere near Canal Street or Penn Station. 

The Brampton does not provide a food service but we gladly hire a 3rd party chef on your behalf and take care of all of the details for you. 

The lodge is over 3000 square feet. There are 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a dining room and kitchen. Other features include: 2 fireplaces, wifi, hot tub, outdoor fire pit, one television (for emergencies only), ping pong, pool, corn hole, darts, outdoor grill and a speedboat moored on Lake George to take small groups out water-skiing and on mini island safaris. The lake boasts 165 islands, most of which you can camp on.

we have an outdoor yoga deck and a 1000 sq foot barn event space for working, dancing, resting or playing.

We recently purchased the property next door to give us river front land, plus 2 further cabins which is where we sleep. As you will see, we are building another cabin which will sleep up to 8, although this is a work in progress. 

For rules, regs and waiver you must sign before coming, please scroll to the bottom of the page. 

For floor plans of the lodge - click here

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Story of Us

This is a story about two different people from two different worlds, but frankly it's too long and boring to explain. The fact is we met in New York City with strong beliefs in a similar idea and have been great mates ever since. 



Jeff comes from very humble beginnings in Seoul, South Korea, so humble in fact that he was sent to America to seek fame and fortune. Sadly he only found Jamie. Jeff was working in real estate in NYC before a chance introduction to Jamie lead to the realization that they both had the same idea to buy a lodge upstate and turn it into an outdoor experience. Jeff believes tie pins are stylish, adores 1980's music (the two go hand in hand) and is inexplicably scared of squirrels.


Jamie started life in Denmark to British parents before moving to England for school, but then he upped sticks to NYC 8 years ago to continue his job as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street; in 2014, he left the world of Finance completely in search of start up projects to get involved in. Jamie also moonlights as a radio and TV presenter in the faint belief that perhaps one day he might even become talented at one of them. Jamie lives in Manhattan, is strangely impressive at Backgammon and is the worst cook in the entire world.  

Feel free to contact us anytime: thebramptonnyc@gmail.com

The Brampton is located at:

1525 River Road

Warrensburg, NY 12885


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